Rules of the game

Short rules of the game

The game is played by two players with one game board, 25 yellow base pieces and one yellow pawn and 25 red base pieces and one red pawn.The player with yellow pawn makes the first move.

In order to win players should try to reach the opponent's colour box with their pawn.
When it is their turn players can either
- Move their pawn to the adjacent box horizontally or vertically (not diagonally) or
- put a base piece in any unoccupied white box

Base pieces may only be placed in unoccupied white boxes. Pawns can be placed in white boxes and colour boxes.

Base pieces block the way for the opponent's pawn. Players may place their pawn on their own base pieces but not on their opponent’s base pieces.

The pawns may not be locked in, there should always be a free passage to the opponent's colour box.